Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)

MPLS is a mechanism in scalable, high-performance, private telecommunications networks that direct data from one network node to the next.

MPLS Diagram

MPLS is particularly well suited for use in carrier networks and corporate wide area networks

Multiprotocol Label Switching is particularly useful for situations where:

  • Multiple types of traffic share a data connection, with some types of traffic requiring priority over others
  • Uptime is important, key locations have multiple connections so that alternative paths always exist
  • Network congestion occurs sometimes on some connections
  • New sites will need to be able to connect to many different locations, while being entirely invisible to many other sites on the network.

This is why MPLS is widely used by the major telecoms companies. It's also very popular with organisations that need a scalable WAN that can carry both voice (phone calls) and data.

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