Audio Branding for Telephone Systems

Creative audio branding services transform your caller experience to enhance your brand image, improve caller communications and create valuable cross-selling opportunities.

Audio Recording

Replace silence, beeps or music on-hold with a quality audio branding production, keeping callers engaged with company information and details of offers, promotions or events. This content is combined with on-brand music and voice to ensure time spent on-hold speaks volumes about your business.

Professional voice prompt recording & on-hold marketing

"Take your telephone messages and prompts from standard to stand out."

Our low cost service makes professional voice recordings accessible to everyone, not just for large companies and call centres.

Your telephone system may be your customers' first point of contact with your business. Are you sure it's creating a good impression? A great customer experience doesn't just begin when they speak to someone – it starts with the tone of voice and content of IVRs and inqueue messages.

We offer professionally recorded voice prompts and messaging and music for any telephone system, giving your callers a professional and high quality sounding experience when they call you. We can create all your telephony messaging needs, with access to voice artists that offer additional localisation services and our Voice Guarantee, you'll receive high quality, yet competitively priced recordings within a few days.

You can create a great impression with:

  • Low cost professional voice-over recordings and on hold messages
  • The opportunity to freshen up your menus and messages
  • Available in 50+ languages
  • Voice Availability Guarantee
  • Translation and localisation
  • 5-day turnaround
  • All telephone systems supported

How it works

Step 1

Login to the system

Once you've logged in or created your user account. Go to Create a New Script, select the type of message you'd like, with or without background music. Name your script and save. Follow the flow across the 4 remaining steps: Voice, Add Prompt, Audio Format and Checkout.

Step 2

Voice - Select your language to browse voices. Click on More Voices to see the complete library of voices available to you. You can listen to each voice to help you to decide. Click on 'Use This Voice' to select the required voice for your script.

Audio branding system screen 1

Step 3

Add Prompt(s) - Type in your script. Now's also the time to enter any special instructions for your voice artist i.e. pronunciations or tone of voice.

Audio branding system screen 2

Step 4

Audio Format - select your file format required.

Audio branding system screen 3

Step 5

Checkout – Check your billing address and add payment details to be able to submit your order.

You can use the dashboard under the Home page to work on drafts, track the progress of your recordings and download audio. We'll have your prompts ready within five days and email you a link to the file.

That's it – you'll soon be building up an easily searchable online library of recordings to use!

Make an enquiry

Please call 01869 327 991 or fill out the form below and one of our advisors will be in contact as soon as possible.

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