Internet Leased Line

With an internet leased line your premises is directly linked via a fibre optic cable to the local exchange where it is connected to the ISPs backbone infrastructure.

Internet Leased Line Diagram

For businesses with high volumes of internet traffic or mission critical operations Internet Lease Lines (ILL) offer a level of performance and reliability the other connection options cannot match.

Discussed below are some of the main advantages of ILLs compared to other broadband services:

Usage: While even the so-called unlimited broadband plans have either usage (FUP) or speed restrictions, ILLs provide unlimited usage due to the dedicated connectivity provided from the ISP backbone.

Contention: Contention means sharing of the transmission channel or bandwidth. For broadband services the contention ratio is quite high (between 1:20 to 1:50) while for ILLs are nearly contention-free (1:1) or have a very low contention (1:2, 1:4) N.B: A contention ratio of 1:20 means the channel is being shared by 20 users simultaneously.

Bandwidth Scalability: While bandwidth options are quite limited (max 8Mbps subject to line condition) for DSL broadband, internet lease lines offer a wide range of options from 64kbps to 10 Gbps.

Symmetric Connection: While the popular broadband technologies like ADSL are asymmetric in nature i.e. download bandwidth is much greater than the upload bandwidth, internet lease lines are symmetric in nature providing near equal download and upload bandwidth which is essential in various business applications like hosting servers, file sharing, video-conferencing and running various convergent services. e.g. A 2 Mbps internet lease line provides 2 Mbps in either upstream or downstream used at a time.

Quality Of Service: ILLs score highly on the quality of service (QOS) front that largely attributes to its premium nature. Operators provide due service level agreements (SLAs) and mostly stick to it. It ensures optimized traffic shaping to improve latency, jitter & minimize downtime.

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