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Looking for the right telephone line connectivity solution for your business?

Line Rental

With the ever growing number of telephone connectivity solutions available to UK businesses today, it's not as easy as it once was to choose the right type of line service to benefit your business.


  • Analogue lines – these work by translating audio into electronic pulses
  • Digital lines – audio is converted into a binary format which is represented by a series of "1"s and "0"s
  • SIP Trunk – Is a VoIP solution, Sip Trunks connect to your existing PBX (private branch exchange) using either an IP card or IP gateway converter
  • Hosted Telephony – all of the equipment is hosted by the VoIP provider.

At Fast-Track Telecom we will analyse the connectivity available to you, your needs and your current systems to recommend the best, most economical solution. Fast-Track Telecom combines the highest quality products and customer service with the most effective money saving packages.

Whether you are a low user or run a busy call centre Fast-Track Telecom will have the plan for you. Our solutions have the flexibility to add and remove calling plans which can give inclusive and discounted rates whilst using ultra-reliable networks.

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