Ethernet First Mile (EFM)

We provide EFM circuits from diverse tier one network carriers, allowing business customers access to reliable internet and SIP trunk services. EFM works by aggregating copper phone lines together and presenting ethernet to the business's local network.

EFM Diagram

The price point is generally lower than fibre based ethernet services allowing users a more cost effective access option with a business grade 6hr SLA over broadband based products. As copper line services are often easier to deploy and configure than fibre services; installation lead times are lower and costly, excess construction work is not required. Multiple bundled lines also provide an added resilience should one of the copper pairs fail.

We have found that when combined with our SIP trunking service EFM provides an excellent alternative to ISDN30. Rentals are lower and the circuit allows for immediate channel expansion without the associated increase in costs.

With EFM customers won't experience packet loss or loss of voice quality as all IP packets completely bypass the public internet. EFM now has wide availability throughout the UK.

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